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Comments from previous clients and people I have worked with.



When I had my channelling session with Becki I wasn’t sure what to expect, as I’d never done anything like it before. All I knew was that I trusted her to make it a positive, healing experience for me.

For the first part of the session, Becki channelled vibrational sounds. It affected me on a soul level. The only way I can describe the feeling is as if I were a computer hard drive that was being reformatted - all the bits of my psyche being retuned and settled in a way that created calm, order and more capacity.

For the second part Becki channelled messages from spirit. It was very quick-fire! There was so much insight into what drives me - I was amazed at what came through.  Messages about the stage of life I’m at, the pathways in front of me, how I can more clearly see my purpose, move forward and change the world.

If you are looking to ground yourself, gather your purpose and find direction, I can thoroughly recommend Becki Bell.


Becki’s chanting is not only beautiful & soothing but I left my sessions with her feeling grounded and energized with a clear sense of direction.


Becki’s healings have made me feel so much better in myself when I have been so low and felt unwell. She has changed my life, I had struggled with health issues and depression for years. With regular healings I have felt good and well. Becki is amazing, she’s so kind and full of knowledge and wisdom. She has helped me to heal my health problems and look at life in a different way. I can’t recommend Becki enough and I’m privileged to have found her.


Working with Rebekah has allowed me the most profound shifts I have ever had with any facilitator/spiritual healer. 

Her grounded, no-nonsense approach, and authenticity clears the way quickly for deep healing. 

My work with Rebekah has been fun, interactive and enduring


I've been working with Becki for 2 years and have been blown away with the accuracy of her knowledge, of her guidance and of how Source channels through her. Becki is the only psychic / medium / channeler I would see and trust, it's a feeling, a knowing, a resonance that she's the fucking real deal. She's not here to fuck around, she's not here to water down or sugar coat, she share exactly what you need when you need it and it's beautiful and it's perfect. 

She is the only person who I ever take any of this kind of advice from and I'm very grateful. The verbal guidance from her guides is always perfect and exactly what I need and even if it takes a moment to sink in, the resonance of her words stays with me. And her sound healing! Oh my goodness, WOW, wow, wow. The resonance and the frequency of the sounding, the clearing, the channelling and the experience that Becki holds, I feel so safe, I feel so seen. There are not a lot of places where I feel that people can hold the full depth and spectrum of me. And I know that however I show up for Becki is welcomed and loved and supported. Her clearing, her fucking epic sound clearing techniques have made way for so much recently. I have has a session with her where i was feeling really dense, really dark, really stuck and really stagnant and i had a big session with her where i received some verbal guidance and a lot of sound healing, and through that sound practice that she invited me in to and I felt a lot of the density and the stagnancy i was storing in my body clear away. 

And within a week I found my new home, I received lots of money to support me in paying for vets bills, I found some beautifully aligned part time work and my relationship with my partner deepened in a way that I was dreaming and craving about. So I can attest to this because it's happened time and time again where having a session with her just clears out any of the old cobwebs. Anything I am storing. I know I can come to Becki and know that she can move it through me. I have come to her with the darkest, messiest and deepest shadowy parts of me that I have left disowned and I've been so loved through all of it and that is the biggest medicine, the deepest medicine and most powerful medicine. For someone to be able to hold you in all of you and love you anyway. The things that she can intuit you just can't make up. I remember at the beginning thinking I don't need to see Becki, she's just telling me things I already know about myself and I was like... Oh but how does SHE know all that? She's pretty good lol. She knows what she's doing and she's the real deal. Highly recommended and she's the first person I recommend to literally everyone I know. and I recommend her for you too.  


The whole experience is amazing! Becki is very welcoming and the experience is relaxing. I myself see so much and get loads of different things from the time which we always talk about after. Becki explains everything very well. She is amazing with lots of knowledge. I could listen to her all day.


I’ve learned to listen to my intuition when it shouts “you HAVE to do this”, even when my brain doesn’t know why. I’ve participated in many Shamanic Ceremonies over the years yet never with Mama Cacao even though I knew practitioners who offered Ceremony. Perhaps I was waiting for the right teacher. Then I met Beck. I could feel her deep connection and appreciation of the medicine and her hearts desire to share it. After attending my first Ceremony with Becki I immediately joined her 21 day challenge. She was there, every step of the way, offering daily guidance and inspiration whilst allowing me to have my own experience and develop my own way of working with Mother Cacao. Becki brings a deep Soul connection alongside her psychic gifts to create and hold sacred space appropriate to the individual and group needs. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to either 

*source the purest cacao

*experience a true relationship with Mother Cacao

*learn the health and well-being benefits of Cacao

*take your meditation or any spiritual practice to a deeper level - ultimately connecting to your true self deeply. 

I am so grateful to Becki for bringing her gifts and the gift of Cacao to me. And I’m sure you be too!


What a beautiful soul. Becki has helped me through my past year. With one to one channelling / healing, A group ceremony and a 21 day Cacao challenge. Absolutely love being in her presence. 

Becki has guided me through my transition of changing my occupation, felt stuck for years and needed a push to move forward. 

My journey has been amazing.


I don't normally write reviews but Rebekah’s channelling and ceremonies are unique and definitely worth a review. I was hesitant to try but I am so pleased that I did. great for people on their spiritual journey. just try it you will not be disappointed.


Becki is a gifted space holder with a beautiful heart and has so much to offer alongside her cacao ceremonies. 

She holds a special purpose as a medium and intuitive and can help people shed light in the shadows and step into growth.


I have had a few one to one sessions with Rebekah now with sound healing and I bloody love it. Each time it’s different each time I release stuff present and past lives leaving me at peace. I am so converted.  Totally recommend.


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