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About Me

Those who work with spirit, source, the universe, God, or whichever name you choose, are granted, and gifted a “service”. 

Your reason and purpose in action for helping and aiding others.

This is your service to the Universe and yourself.


My “service” gifted to me is… 

To shift, heal and align. 

I am also a remover of obstacles. (Giving wisdom, knowledge and healing helps remove obstacles so perspectives can be shifted, aligned and blocks healed).


My Story

At 6 years old, working my way through life’s traumas as one does, I become sensitive, or Clairsentient for a better word. I didn’t know it at the time but, looking back now my awareness and ability to be able to perceive and understand to a high degree was outstanding. It always seemed that I had a greater awareness than others, even adults at times. I was able to predict and often “just knew” something. 

Many times, I questioned myself wondering “How” did I know? It always used to surprise me that I knew something seemingly impossible, but then it started to happen so regularly that it eventually become second nature to me.


At 13 years old I woke up one morning and I knew I had “The gift”. In fact, that is exactly what I called it. “The gift”.

During my nights sleep I had a dream that was so prolific it just couldn’t have been a dream, it HAD to be something else, it HAD to be of meaning. I was taken on a journey to different places and existences, where I was introduced to a couple of guides (you may call them something else, but they are the guides and team that I work with every day). 

I was given explanations and understanding of my new role in life and shown many things and was even tested. During this “dream”, I was put into circles of trust, and given tasks to see if I could trust Spirit, which ended up ultimately being a test for the trust that I had for myself. It was just one of those dreams where I knew there was something more to it. (In later years through my understanding I realised this was an OBE an Out of Body Experience)

I had such great understanding the following day that I couldn’t deny. To me it was black and white no matter if anybody else believed me.

I was very lucky at the time, as my mum was a great believer and tried to understand and help me as much as possible. I was led to a gentleman who gave me a bit of help and he led me to another gentleman, who at times would write to me to give me some guidance.

However, the ultimate fact was that a few conversations later with a couple of letters here and there did not give me enough understanding and training for what I needed. I now realise I needed and wanted a lot of help so that I could step into this type of work safely and without fear. I needed a greater understanding of what I was doing and getting myself in to.


I am now 43, so have had this awareness for 37 years and have actively been working with Spirit for 30 of those years. Something I am proud to say is that the majority of what I have learnt has come from Spirit and source direct. I have never trained with someone or been somewhere to learn and develop my gifts. Even though I love a good book, I have never been one for reading books on “how to work with spirit”, “how to activate myself”, “ascend”, or “open my third eye”. I have never been one for reading autobiographies either. 

I realise now in hindsight what a wonderful and amazing gift this has been. Because even though the journey has been hard and with much lack of understanding at times, everything that I know and all my knowledge and beliefs come from my own learning, from my own journey of working with Spirit, what I hear, see and sense, and the information that the universe provides me with has been direct and never second hand. 

I have never been one to say that I know and believe in something because I read it in a book or saw it on TV, it is something that I am very proud of, to have my own understanding of what I do, why and how, and that has been untainted by the world and those in it. 


My work from 13 years old was always working as a medium, a psychic, a clairvoyant. To provide others with readings predominantly. This meant tapping into spirit, and telling the person in front of me, messages from their loved ones, descriptions of who they are and events that had happened in life, telling people what I could see from their past, the present and quite often predicting the future. This was my work and my life for a very long time. Even though I worked each day, my free time was usually filled with providing readings for all who needed me.


I had times during my work where I would expand and step out my box, I sometimes provided hands on healing and would teach others some of the knowledge that I had. Mainly to give help and understanding for those who were sensitive themselves and wanted to learn to connect to source. I love teaching and helping others, but quite often at the time, the only expertise that I had, was actually working with spirit. I didn't always possess the expertise of working with others, as my whole life and world revolved around spirit for a very long time which brought me to a belief that I was naïve in life and in life's understandings. Communicating with spirit was one thing but, communicating with humans always seemed a tad traumatic at times.


In fact, sometimes my fear of getting the prediction wrong, or making a mistake, and my fear of missing out on life because of my spiritually bound world actually stopped me working at times. 

I can think of twice where I stopped working for other people providing readings and doing my mediumship for a couple of years and each time I come back to my work, I upgraded. I learnt more, understood more, and become more adaptable. My skill set would explode, and I would become more aware of what I was doing and why, to the point that I knew one day it would be Spirit and I working together, constantly and consistently, no more working the mundane 9-5 jobs.

Weird thing was though, every single job that I have had since I started working just never seem to flourish, there was always an issue or a problem, jobs would never last long and when they did, they were fraught with stress and complications. I always used to say this is because I am in the wrong job, I don't belong in a 9 to 5 job working for someone, sitting in an office, or behind the desk. However, even though I knew my destiny was to work with spirit, I never believed in myself enough to take that leap and only work with the universe until a few years ago.


Finding myself back in my hometown, a new home, a new way of life, I was surrounded by those who were interested in my spiritual activities. I was supported to a certain extent by friends who had a belief in me that I often struggled to find. 

But this time, as I delved deeper into my spiritual work, I started to work on myself. Now don't get me wrong, through my years I myself have had at times taken to some form of self-help, different types of therapy, engaged in different understandings so that I could work through life’s traumas etc but nothing ever just seemed to hit the nail on the head, to fix my ails, or to give me comfort long term.

Then one day, Spirit asked me to open my mouth and the most amazing sound came out. I sounded like some kind of tuning fork, cross between a Tibetan chanting throat singer, but what I noticed what's the vibration and the frequency that filled my body and mind. As this started to become more frequent, the work on myself become deeper, it become harder and more painful but... I realised after a while that I was removing what I call blocks, I was healing to a depth that I didn’t even know existed, the sound that Spirit was channelling through me, was aligning me to my highest capability at that time.

An explanation of how the channelling helps heal blocks and aligns you.

When you are born, you bring through a certain level of understanding and lessons into this life, you also bring through things like karma and blocks. Blocks tend to be formed and created by different types of traumas. So, when something happens to us that creates pain, a lack of understanding, an uneasy feeling, being made to feel uncomfortable or when someone or something puts us in a situation where we go in to fight, flight or freeze i.e., survival mode. it can often create what we call a block. 

Then as we navigate our way through life and certain things happen (in essence, when life happens), it can accentuate the same feelings or triggers that created the initial block, so every time trauma happens that is associated with that feeling, that vibration, it creates the block to become bigger, deeper, and denser. 


From birth to the age of approximately 7 years old, our formative years, blocks are commonly created in us all. Every single thing that we hear, see, and understand, every single experience that we go through, everything we are taught, every person that walks into our life and out of it, every single millisecond and moment that we experience creates the person that we are today, it creates our life’s values and belief system! Who we are and why, is predominantly formatted in those first seven years of our life. Amazing eh!?

So… the majority of the blocks that we have in life are formed and created at the same time too. Then as we grow older and life’s experiences, tragedies and traumas hit us time and time again it can either often create the blocks to become bigger or create what I like to call the loop effect. This is where you go round in circles. The block is there, but the understanding of why, the trigger, and how to escape and break free from that loop effect is often not there. Which is why we often can’t find a way out.

This is where Spirit comes in with the channelling. 

Each session involves wisdom and knowledge, messages gifted to you direct from source. It is not like having a psychic reading where I predict the future. All knowledge is from the highest point and perspective possible and is given to you to help you find your highest possible alignment. To help you understand what you need to remember who you are and live to your highest conscious potential. Sometimes all someone needs are the true perspective and understanding of a situation to break free from the loop themselves. However, this is where the sound comes in. 

Everything and everyone on this planet have a vibration, a frequency, and when Spirit channel through me they produce sounds which carry certain vibrations that help and aid to break the loop cycles and start to heal those blocks!

After years of doing this to help heal myself and others with this amazing gift and method Spirit have given me. I now call the process healing, shifting, releasing, and recalibrating.


To heal is part of the work you do with Spirit and me. Each session provides healing and understanding to the highest degree possible at that time and in that space.

Healing is a beautiful, fulfilling and much needed aspect of life for most of us. I see the healing on 5 vibrations level of who we are which is…

Sexual (often masculine vs feminine)





A good way to break it down is Mind, Body, and Spirit.

For us to heal effectively and efficiently we need to heal and align ALL aspects of who we are and for a vast majority of us, what happens in the mind comes out and or gets stuck in the body. So often we well heal the mindset the body will automatically start to heal and visa versa. This is often called Somatic.


After healing we often tend to “shift”. 

This is where everything that we do not need anymore, elements of the blocks etc that have been stored in your mind, body, and soul for probably decades start to shift through you.  

You start to gain understanding and clarity but can often feel anxious or stressed but don’t know or understand why as all these feelings are coming up as you start to unwind. This is you as a whole being, shifting through the stress that has been cooped up in your system for all this time. It is shifting through you so that you can release!  


A good example of this is one of my regular clients rang me a few days after a session said he was feeling very angry! He said he hasn’t been angry for 2 decades and that he was feeling constantly angry after our session, and it was making him even more angry that he didn’t know or understand why!

My answer was, “Well you must have been angry at some point in your life, and you didn’t deal with it. You must have done what we all often do at times and that is, stuffed it down into your system so you didn’t have to deal with it, and now you’re healing it’s shifting through you and coming to the surface. You will release shortly and gain clarity and understanding” And so it was a couple of days later he messaged to say he was feeling great and knew why this had happened.


Releasing can be as simple as a yawn, it can be euphoric, but can be painful. Releasing and how to release is personal to everyone. A good scream or cry can sometimes do the trick whilst others might benefit from hugging a tree or talking to a friend. The thing is to not shove down what is coming up else you are re-blocking what we have released!

Growing up we often have feelings come up where we need to release and do and or say something, and we often don’t say something or deal with these issues for numerous reasons, but shoving these feelings down and not dealing with them can cause them to get stuck in our body and mind, if we learn how to release safely then this would bring about more peace as opposed to spending years having to go through the process of unwinding life so we can heal and step forward.


Which brings us to recalibration. When we have healed, shifted, and released we start to recalibrate. This is where we start to remember who we truly are and why. The lessons we brought through into this life. Our purpose and reasons of why we are here and who we really are. We are healing and letting go of certain conditioning, and when we do that our values and belief systems start to change and align with our higher purpose and consciousness. 

Remember I said that our values and belief systems begin from birth to 7 years? When we do this type of healing, we start to heal the things that created that conditioning and when we do that, we literally start to see the world differently. Because we are aligning to our highest nature and truest self. That is the recalibration. 


I have been on this journey from healing to recalibration, my, whole, life and! You have too. Since the moment we are born we are healing ourselves, others, and the world to some degree even if you don’t realise it or see it.


I can’t honestly say that I have healed every single block, loop, and issue in my life, maybe I never will as we can only heal to the capacity that our mind, body and soul can handle and accept at each given moment in time. Spirit can only heal what they can heal through you. 

But since committing to myself, which is ultimately Spirit and the Universe, I have begun to find my who and why. My passion and purpose in life. Things like selflove, priorities, worth, boundaries, deserving, fear, loss all still to be worked on to a certain degree, but I am not looking for perfection. We do not come to Earth to perfect being human but to perfect the human capabilities that we have.


I am not a human working for the spirit that connect to God and the Universe.

I AM and IT IS. We are all infinitely and undoubted connected.


No matter how hard you might find it to believe but every single moment in your life was perfectly orchestrated the was it was meant to be. Every tear and every smile brought you to the incredible person you are today.


My journey, my story has brought me to this place here and now, where I am so connected to who I am and what I do that I am able to channel through the wisdom, knowledge, and healing that you personally need to heal, shift, and align.


We all have a story; they say everyone has a book within them and mine is coming soon. The book “Soul Survival” is about how I moved through life in survival mode, living with traumas and pain and feeling broken and dis-connected to everyone and everything because of that, and most importantly how working with Spirit, and healing through them, working with them, brought me back to life. Bringing people, lessons and understanding into my world to bring me to the place I am today. 


I thought my soul was damaged and irreparable but in fact, it survived my entire life and everything it had to offer. Now my soul is healing to the highest degree possible because I am allowing, wanting it, creating it and simply allowing life to be. 

I AM and IT IS. 



I am Becki Bell

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