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One to one session of Direct Channelling.

Each session is 75 minutes long and is done face to face via Zoom (Upon booking; confirmation and a Zoom link will be sent to you)

The session is to connect to one person. Please make sure you are in a quiet and relaxed place; I do not do sessions whilst driving etc and for your sake, you want to be undistracted so you can absorb and make the most of the experience.


What to expect

During your session, after introductions, I start by taking you through a very short process to visualise grounding and protecting yourself, (Don’t worry if you’re not very good at visualisation, I will be doing this for you as well) I then connect to my team whom I work with. My Spirit guides / Source / The Universe. Sometimes this will involve vocal sound to open up a link to connect us together and, sometimes Spirit will gift a blessing via sound to those I am working with.

There are two main purposes of booking a one-to-one session with me.

  • To provide you with messages from source to help you align to your highest self. I am not a fortune teller. I am not here to tell you when you will win the lottery or move house. It is also not my job to give you, my opinion. I am the channel; it is my work and my purpose to allow spirit to communicate with you without my judgement. Spirit gives you the answers and guidance that you need from the highest possible perspective. The purpose being that the world we live in and the way we grow up conditions us to have a certain set of value and beliefs. We obtain blocks in life (please see my story for more information), the knowledge and the healing I provide are to help you on your journey to start to remove those blocks. As we awaken and become more conscious, we start to remember who we really are, our reasons and purpose for choosing to live this life that we are in now. The knowledge that the Spirits provide you with is often gifted to you to show you perspective. To show you pathways, to give you reasoning or understanding that you haven’t had beforehand. Having this information can change your perspective and help you to shift those negative clouds holding you back so you start to move into complete alignment with yourself. This means aligning mind, body and soul to your highest possible capability and capacity at this time. Spirit will tell you and guide you with as much information as possible to enable this to happen. When you are aligned, you are connected, to nature, the Universe and most importantly yourself, giving you more flexibility and freedom in the way you choose to live. More peace. More connectivity. When you have this the domino effect of your life and your world start to change. You start to find peace within freedom and freedom within peace.

  • The second purpose of a one-on-one booking is the vocal sound vibration

Each session comes with vocal sounding. Should you choose to say yes. Spirit channel through me and use my voice to connect to you with a sound vibration / frequency. This has been described by many as anything from chanting, throat singing and an out of tune tuning fork. Sometimes there will be light and soul language as well. (For anyone who hasn’t experience light or soul language it may sound like I am talking in Klingon). The purpose of this??? Everything and everyone on this Earth have a frequency. It is an amazing and phenomenal gift to be able to share with the world a vibration that is created and designed for each specific person at that specific moment in time. The sound is for two reasons; 1) to heal. It’s as simple as that. To help heal what ever needs healing to give that person more comfort. Whether it be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. Sound is a powerful tool, and this sound? Is created just for you. 2) The second reason for the sound is to help “shift”. By this I mean to help shift the clouds away from you that cloud your judgement, “shift” those clouds which were created by fear and have stuck around and now prevent you from moving forward. To “shift” anyone or anything that stops you from aligning to your highest self and living in complete consciousness.


Within my offerings. I also offer one on one mentoring. 

This is either done on a weekly or fortnightly basis. The purpose of this is to work through deep rooted trauma, limiting beliefs and conditioning. One on one sessions are amazing however, when you do this work longer term, we work constantly to start to remove the biggest blocks that you have in life so that you can move forward with less conditioning and blocks. 

Sessions always include knowledge, wisdom, offerings of sound healing are regularly included. Specific times of alignment gifted by Spirit often happen as well. For anyone interested in this. It is a process, not many heal their complete life and system overnight or in a few weeks. You could almost consider it “Spiritual Therapy”. (Please note thought, I am not a professional therapist, I work under the guidance of my spiritual team).

I have very limited space for the one-on-one mentoring. If you would like to be considered, please contact me and we can discuss options, payment and talk about how this could work for you.

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